Disability Cricket

Nairn County Cricket Club now host a disability cricket program in order to engage with the wider community and provide a fun and accessible version of our sport.
This program comes from the England Cricket Board (ECB) and has been running in England with great success.

A table tennis table is used to play the game and has sides with sliding fielders and a ramp to bowl the ball from. Runs are scored by hitting the sides where no sliding fielders are fielding.

This program will carry on at the Cricket Club from May where it will be to open to the disability community.

Nairn County Cricket Club coaches will start this program within schools in Nairn, Inverness, Dingwall and Tain. A Competition will be hosted at the end of the program for each of the schools taking part.

Programs like these are supported by the schools as it’s a way of making friends, building up confidence and supporting people that do not have the opportunity to take part in main-stream sport.